Free African Americans
in North Carolina Before the Civil War

About the Project

Below is a list of records I've transcribed over the years from the State Archives of North Carolina (formerly the North Carolina State Archives). These transcripts are in PDF format and you can save them to your computer. Some of the older ones don't include exact citation, but I do add those now. If you find one without a citation, contact me and I'll do the best to get the citation for you.

The first section is for records I've transcribed about individuals and are listed alphabetically by surname and I also give the county of the record, the date, and the subject. The second section is for groups of people, such as petitions. These are in order by county and date. The last section is for miscellaneous documents. Currently, this is two charts related to census date that I have created.

In the menu above are multiple options. Here is a description of those items: In the blog, I talk a lot about historical context, especially laws. The database is a large tree that is accessible to all. It's all the families I've done research on. The dictionary is a list of terms you might find in the records and on the blog. The surname index is an index of all names mentioned in the document transcripts below. About explains this project.

Records about individuals:

Records concerning groups of people

Misc. Documents: